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v8nQBHn0Founder of Professional dating site The Inner Circle, tells us how to, and how not to approach someone you find attractive

We’ve all been there; you look across the room and there stands possibly the most attractive person you have ever seen, but you dread the thought of approaching them
through fear of rejection.

Comfortingly, these feelings are ones that everyone experiences, and ones that can easily be overcome. David Vermeulen, founder of exclusive dating platform The Inner Circle, has provided us with his top dos and don’ts, to be used when approaching someone you find attractive.

DON’T: Wait for the right moment

There is never going to be a ‘right time’ to approach someone. You will always be able to come up with reasons why not to do it. Furthermore, umming and ahhing about approaching someone will just increase your anxiety. So just bite the bullet and DO IT!

DON’T: Overdo it on the touching.

Why ruin an otherwise wonderful meet, with too many unnecessary hugs. Remember, you don’t know each other. What could you possibly have to hug about?!

DON’T: Use pick up lines.

If a pick up line seems inappropriate, or possibly even offensive when sober, this will still be true after a couple of drinks, and after encouragement from your drunk friends to lead with it. A simple, non rehearsed opening will more than suffice.

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