PRESS: The Inner Circle Summer Polo Cup – Tatler


Yes, a day at the polo can be quite fun. But shake in a great wallop of singletons and the whole event steps up a notch. Well, that’s what we learnt after The Inner Circle threw its annual Polo Cup at the Ham Polo Club, which saw 500 sexy young things roll up to pretend to watch ponies. Once the victors were crowned, DJ Per Pedersen jumped up on the decks prompting the crowd to start dancing in their seats. And since they’d all been boozing since lunchtime, it wasn’t long before some paired off early…

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EVENT: Summer Polo Cup – London

Dressed to impress, upwards of 500 young professionals came and enjoyed a delicious brunch while witnessing the Summer Polo Cup unfold. The results from the games saw True Nopal take third place against DogBuddy. The Bodos Schloss team proved to be too strong for the La Martina team and won the Inner Circle Polo Cup.

Once the victors were crowned, the party escalated with DJ Per Pedersen on the decks, Chris sharp on the sax and Mirko live on the guitar. Members of dating app The Inner Circle and Alumni Polo guests danced, flirted and celebrated the summer and one of Britain’s most beautiful sports. It was an unforgettable day with an electric atmosphere at the magical HPC, the London Polo Club.

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PRESS: The Inner Circle expands to Berlin – Business Insider

An elite dating app is trying its luck in edgy Berlin

bilogo-uk-white-on-pms7700Edgy Berlin might not seem like the most obvious city for an elite dating app to launch in but that’s exactly where The Inner Circle expanded to last last month
as it looks to appeal to an increasing number of Europeans.

Shortly after the launch, one tech worker in Berlin told Business Insider that they couldn’t see the app taking off in the city.

But The Inner Circle, which vets people’s LinkedIn profiles before letting them onto its app, already boasts several thousand users in the city, according to cofounder Michael Krayenhoff.

“We have 6,000 members in Berlin and are on track to have 20,000 members by the end of October,” said Krayenhoff, who launched the dating platform in London in 2013.”Berlin has been going exceptionally well, especially in the tech startup scene.”

In contrast to more established dating apps like Tinder and Happn, where it’s all about speed and getting through profiles, The Inner Circle allows people to share considerably more information about themselves beyond a short bio. People arrange meetups at high-end venues and they can let overseas members know if they’re planning to visit a particular city in the near future.

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david-michael at summer polo cup 2015

PRESS: The dos and don’ts of approaching someone you fancy – FemaleFirst

v8nQBHn0Founder of Professional dating site The Inner Circle, tells us how to, and how not to approach someone you find attractive

We’ve all been there; you look across the room and there stands possibly the most attractive person you have ever seen, but you dread the thought of approaching them
through fear of rejection.

Comfortingly, these feelings are ones that everyone experiences, and ones that can easily be overcome. David Vermeulen, founder of exclusive dating platform The Inner Circle, has provided us with his top dos and don’ts, to be used when approaching someone you find attractive.

DON’T: Wait for the right moment

There is never going to be a ‘right time’ to approach someone. You will always be able to come up with reasons why not to do it. Furthermore, umming and ahhing about approaching someone will just increase your anxiety. So just bite the bullet and DO IT!

DON’T: Overdo it on the touching.

Why ruin an otherwise wonderful meet, with too many unnecessary hugs. Remember, you don’t know each other. What could you possibly have to hug about?!

DON’T: Use pick up lines.

If a pick up line seems inappropriate, or possibly even offensive when sober, this will still be true after a couple of drinks, and after encouragement from your drunk friends to lead with it. A simple, non rehearsed opening will more than suffice.

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PRESS: A chat with Michael Krayenhoff – Blix Magazine

We chat to Michael Krayenhoff, the co-founder of The Inner Circle – a Blixmag-logounique datingplatform connecting ambitious, like-minded people in London and beyond.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

The Inner Circle was launched in 2012 by David Vermeulen, Serge Samusya and myself. Before that I’ve worked as a consultant in Singapore and studied MSc in Entrepreneurship at Royal Holloway University in London. At The Inner Circle, I focus on a variety of things such as business expansion, events, PR and growth.

What triggered you to launch InnerCircle?

The Inner Circle is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO, David Vermeulen. After his long term relationship came to an end in 2012, he registered for online dating websites for the first time and deleted his accounts shortly after.

The websites and apps didn’t represent what he was truly searching for. As entertaining as it can be to go through endless profiles, swiping left or right aimlessly, the reality was that the majority of profiles and matches were random and unappealing. And this made him realize that it’s the quality of potential matches that matters, not the quantity of users amassed.

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PRESS: Zwei Wochen in der Nobeldisco unter den Dating-Apps – WIRED

The Inner Circle ist so etwas wie der Nobelclub unter den
Dating-Plattformen: Rein kommt nur, wer es anwired einem
virtuellen Türsteher vorbeischafft. Nun hat die Plattform
auch in Berlin aufgemacht und unser Autor hat sich gefragt:
Wie sieht das edle Liebesanbahnungsnest von innen aus?

Nobeldisco, das Wort klingt ja schon etwas angeranzt. Ein bisschen wie Saint Tropez. Oder Düsseldorf. Wo es solche Läden gab oder gibt. Doch eigentlich existiert in jeder größeren Stadt mindestens ein Club, der ungefähr zum Wort Nobeldisco passt: Dort, so würde es die jeweilige Lokalzeitung ausdrücken, feiern die Jungen und Schönen und Reichen. Weshalb Leute, die weder jung noch schön noch reich aussehen, nicht reinkommen. Angeblich. Viele Menschen wollen diese Orte aber auch gar nicht betreten, weil sie sich von vorne herein ausgeschlossen fühlen von dem, was man so bessere Kreise nennt. Andererseits: Da will man doch rein. Wenigstens um nachzugucken, wie es da so ist.

Die besseren Kreise: Damit ist man nicht nur buchstäblich bei The Inner Circle. In den vergangenen zwei Jahren hat die Dating-Seite von Amsterdam aus nach und nach in europäischen Metropolen örtliche Netze aufgespannt – mit dem Versprechen, ein exklusiver Club zu sein für Leute, die jemanden finden wollen. Jemand Besonderen. Jungen, Schönen, Reichen. Nach Städten wie Paris und London scheint nun auch Berlin dran zu sein.


EVENT: Summer Cocktails at La Terrace – Stockholm

Stockholm celebrated last Friday with Summer Cocktails at La Terrace. This is the courtyard of speak-easy cocktail bar Fou and knows how to throw a party after work. Keen to join the party? Sign up and and check out our events.

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PRESS: Online search for love breeds new job opportunities – Financial Times

Financial_Times_corporate_logo.svgMatchmaking, photography and content vetting get a boost from dating website.

Love is no longer a case of serendipity — it is big business. From the success of the online dating industry, dominated by the likes of Tinder and, has sprung an array of new jobs: from software engineers to virtual dating assistants. Here is a look at some of those who make a living helping Cupid.

The gatekeeper
Michael Krayenhoff is co-founder of The Inner Circle dating site launched in 2012, aimed at young professionals in Amsterdam, after his friend David Vermeulen, the other founder, had split from his long-term partner.

With colleagues he screens potential members for suitability. “We look at their social networks, their career and education.” This is not elitism, he insists, but ensures there is a mixed community of available young professionals. “There is a 50 per cent rejection rate. But it isn’t the ultimate decision. They might go on the waiting list.”

The 31-year-old met his girlfriend at the same time as starting the company.

“It’s easier to focus on the business of dating if you are not looking for a girlfriend. I get lots of messages every day — it would be harder [to screen members] if I was looking for love.”

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EVENT: Habana Nights at Century Club

Right after work members of The Inner Circle enjoyed a sunset with Mojitos, bands and DJ’s on the rooftop of Century Club. The revolution started with a Cuban street party and was topped of with Daiquiri’s & Cubanitos in the cocktail lounge. Habana nights…

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And here is the movie of the night:

PRESS: Podcast met David Vermeulen

downloadDavid Vermeulen: Online Dating en The Inner Circle

In deze aflevering neemt David Vermeulen je mee in de wereld van online dating.
Hij is de oprichter van The Inner Circle, een dating community rondom een exclusieve groep jonge professionals die elkaar ontmoeten in steden als Londen, Milaan, Stockholm en Amsterdam.Dit gezelschap reist internationaal vanwege werk, maar steeds vaker zijn het The Inner Circle evenementen zelf die het hoofddoel van de stedentrip vormen.

In een overvolle online dating markt heeft David het met zijn team voor elkaar gekregen om nu al 100 duizend deelnemers zorgvuldig te screenen en toe te laten, terwijl een even groot aantal nog vol verwachting op de wachtlijst staat.

Luister hier naar de podcast

EVENT: After Work at Wunderbar

It was a warm Thursday evening when our members were longing for some refreshing home-made gin after a long day of work. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, Wunderbar had opened its doors and terrace exclusively for members of The Inner Circle. Serving the most delicious cocktails and gin tonics, the chilled vibe soon transformed into a little party. Thanks to Wunderbar’s DJ, the great staff and our members it was yet another successful After Work edition.

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PRESS: The Inner Circle Hire Facebook’s Aron Disco – GDI

1Facebook’s Aron Disco has just been appointed as the new Growth Marketing Manager for dating platform The Inner Circle.

Having previously worked on the Global Marketing Solutions team at Facebook, Disco has now joined The Inner Circle to help expand the app’s international presence.

In his previous role, Disco worked with local startups, as well as larger e-commerce partners, which he says has put him in good stead for the new role.

The founder of The Inner Circle, David Vermeulen, has welcomed Disco to the team, saying: “Aron is just the person we have been looking for, and I have complete faith in his ability to accelerate The Inner Circle’s user base across what is a “Tinder Tired” generation.”

Based in Amsterdam, Disco will be tasked with helping to expand The Inner Circle’s international growth as well as increasing engagement for current members.

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PRESS: Where to launch first in Europe? We asked The Inner Circle – Apps World Series

apps-world-logo-smThe UK referendum and a potential Brexit are now approaching, leaving cities like Berlin, Stockholm and Paris competing to become Europe’s next #1 tech hub. With Amsterdam being in the middle of this ‘battle’, we asked Michael Krayenhoff, co-founder of
The Inner Circle, why they launched their dating app in Amsterdam
first and why they opened a second office in London shortly after.

Myself and business partner, David Vermeulen first met at a dinner party in London. David’s long term relationship had just ended and a few days after signing up to an online dating website, he deleted his profile because he was less than impressed.

David spoke of making a dating website, but making it differently. One that was tailored to the lives of like-minded, high-achieving men and women, and that carried out a rigorous screening process in order to eliminate the hassle of sifting through thousands of unreliable and unsuitable profiles. So the next day, David and I met and started working on the concept of The Inner Circle.

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Nautical-Nights-157 (1)

EVENT: After Work cocktails in London

Members of The Inner Circle flocked to WM Barker to unwind after work with some incredible cocktails. This speakeasy, located in the heart of the city, proved to be a perfect after work destination. The following morning may have been a little bit slow for some…

The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle

PRESS: The Next Global Tech Hotspot? – Bloomberg

Amsterdam stakes it claimBloomberg-logo

Frustrated by the difficulty of finding dates while living in London, Dutchman David Vermeulen started The Inner Circle, a matchmaking website focused on highly educated singles. Yet rather than set up in Europe’s biggest city, he moved to Amsterdam, home to about 800,000 people and a much smaller pool of potential customers. The city, he says, offered an inexpensive place to try out the idea as well as a launchpad for international expansion if the site took off.

“Amsterdam is the ideal market for testing,” Vermeulen said at The Inner Circle’s office, a shared startup workspace on the placid waters of the Herengracht canal. “The concept was initially set-up in such a way that we could easily roll-out internationally.” His site is now available in five cities and has 93,000 approved suitors, with another 95,000 on a waiting list.

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PRESS: The Inner Circle reaches the £1m turnover mark – Business Advice

In the first of a new On the Up series featuring startups that have successfully made it to the milestone of £1m turnover, Business Advice met founder of exclusive dating platform The Inner Circle, David Vermeulen.

Designed as an invitation-only online dating platform, aimed at ambitious like-minded singletons, The Inner Circle already boasts a 90,000-strong user base across Europe. Vermeulen has made plans to launch the brand in New York later this year.

(1) Who are you and what’s your business?

I’m David and I’m the co-founder and CEO of The Inner Circle – an exclusive dating platform for London’s successful and ambitious single people. I had the basic idea after signing up for a dating site several years ago, and wasn’t impressed with the curation. I found that most platforms attracted too broad a range of people, and I felt there should be one offering “quality” rather than “quantity”.

We launched in 2013 after I created an initial platform, first on desktop and then on a mobile site and app. Having started with a team of three, including my co-founders Serge and Michael, we now have a team of seven.

(2) You’ve recently reached £1m turnover, how much of a milestone is this for the firm?

It’s a good first step, but in our opinion it’s just the beginning. It’s a nice milestone but we are growing rapidly month-by-month and we think we can grow even quicker than we do now. In the last 12 months, The Inner Circle’s London user base has grown from 4,500 members to 35,000 – a 777 per cent growth. Across Europe, we have around 200,000 members, but we’re looking to grow worldwide.

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PRESS: The Inner Circle wins 2 awards

The first European Awards Show was held on the 12th of May 2016 at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was a unique opportunity to network with journalists, websites, events companies and bloggers.

We are proud to announce that The Inner Circle has won 2 awards:

1. Best Niche Dating App
2. Entrepreneur of the Year – David Vermeulen

Furthermore The Inner Circle got highly commended for “Online Dating Brand of the Year”.

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PRESS: Five Dating Websites to Try – Harper’s Bazaar

The best online (and offline) platforms to help you find Harper's_Bazaar_Logolove

The Inner Circle

This dating platform launched in 2013 promising to connect ‘ambitious, like-minded people’ by providing ‘quality over quantity.’ Members are vetted and then matched with other members from similar backgrounds with similar interests, and while you can date through the site, they also hold regular singles events (so you can always tell people you met at a party).

Fees: Free to join but with a strict vetting policy. It is said that for every person accepted another is turned away. ​ Visit


The app that’s being heralded as the new Tinder puts the control into the woman’s hands, with the emphasis on them to make the first move. Once you’re matched with someone (it works in a similar way to Tinder by both parties swiping right) you must strike up conversation with that person within the first 24 hours, or they will disappear from your connections forever (for same-sex connections, either person has 24 hours to make a move). The main benefit is that you won’t be barraged with ‘crushes’ from men with questionable (read: indecent) profile pictures; and the quality of the dating pool is also often said to be better than equivalent apps.

Fees: Free to download from the App store.

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PRESS: 9 signs that you’re starting to fall in love with someone – EveningStandard

og-image-frontEveryone talks about falling in love and finding ‘the one’, but how are you supposed to know when it’s happening to you?

Here, founder of dating platform The Inner Circle, David Vermeulen, gives you a tick-list of tell-tale signs that show ‘you’ve got it bad’.

You want them to meet your friends

You have been on a couple of dates, and you start to imagine how great it would be to see your best friends and your date, sharing jokes, banter and generally getting along. This thought subsequently results in a Cheshire cat grin forming across your face: you’ve got it bad.

When you see their name light up on your phone and your stomach flips

We have all been there, waiting by the phone for your date to text back. The elation and stomach flip followed by butterflies when their name appears. The frustration and loud exhale when your phone lights up and it’s your mum just checking in: you’ve got it bad.

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EVENT: Weekend at Empire Barcelona

Last Friday our members in Barcelona enjoyed a fine night by the seaside at the beautiful Empire. The grand terrace was exclusively reserved for members of The Inner Circle and the evening took off at 9PM. The stunning view from the terrace in combination with the saxophone created a unique vibe making this another successful event. Check out the pictures below.

Empire CLUB-52       Empire CLUB-69       Empire CLUB-66       Empire CLUB-64       Empire CLUB-60       Empire CLUB-59       Empire CLUB-58       Empire CLUB-55       Empire CLUB-53       Empire CLUB-42       Empire CLUB-40       Empire CLUB-39       Empire CLUB-38       Empire CLUB-37       Empire CLUB-30       Empire CLUB-28     Empire CLUB-27    Empire CLUB-24   Empire CLUB-23  Empire CLUB-22 Empire CLUB-21       Empire CLUB-19       Empire CLUB-17       Empire CLUB-16       Empire CLUB-15       Empire CLUB-14       Empire CLUB-11       Empire CLUB-7       Empire CLUB-5