Exclusive Dating Events

You might think that, as an exclusive online dating app for professionals, we at The Inner Circle don’t care for exclusive dating events.

Guess again.

That swift wink you give or funny message you send, might hold something much more. We believe that the conversation online should get a smooth offline follow up. This is why we decided to bring our trustworthy online community offline and let our members meet each other in real life, to strip that potential spark from its bits and bytes. All, while enjoying fancy drinks, good food and great music.

From hidden hotspot to panoramic cocktail clubs 

Alike our online dating network, we strive for quality before quantity. We organize are exclusive dating events at the most sought after locations. From hidden hotspots such as Uncle Barts in London to panoramic cocktail clubs like Eclipse in the W Hotel in Barcelona. From club ABE in Amsterdam to Ruski’s, Bodo’s Schloss and The Brompton Club in London.

Exclusive Dating Events: FREE for The Inner Circle members

These exclusive events are often free for The Inner Circle members.  And although our events are very suitable for lone wolves, we do understand you want your wing (wo)man to join the party. For most of our exclusive dating events in London, for example, or Amsterdam, Stockholm and Paris, we sell tickets. These are available through the event page on our platform.

Curious what our events look like? Check out the success stories of past events.