Sept 20 – Rooftop Party at Santo Domingo – Madrid

Sept 27 – After Dinner Drinks at The Rickey – New York City

Sept 30 – Private dinner party at Rose – Stockholm

Oct 19 – Where the Wild Things Drink – Berlin

Oct 21 – The Ski Week Pre-party at Century – London

March 10 – 17 March – The Ski Week – Austria

Want to attend one or more of these events? Sign up at The Inner Circle and RSVP or buy a ticket on the event page in the app or on the website.


PRESS: The Inner Circle wins Online Dating Brand of the Year award!

The Euro Dating Awards Show was held on the 26th of May 2017 at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was an unique opportunity to network with journalists, websites, events companies and many more!

We are proud to announce that The Inner Circle has won one award:

*Online Dating Brand of the Year 2017*

Furthermore The Inner Circle got highly commended for: *Dating App of the Year*

EVENT: NYC – The Official Launch – Check out the pictures

The Inner Circle
hosted a sparkling NYC Launch. The bar was filled with 220 singles from the Big Apple, members + press. The cold beers kindly provided by our friends at Warsteiner – “Warsteiner grapefruit and pilsner – the perfect couple”.
The gin was provided by Bobby’s Gin.

Check the pictures here

Read what the press wrote about our launch :
Business Insider
 New York Business Journal

We are looking forward to our next event in New York!

EVENT: After Works Drinks at Terpentijn

We look back at a great After Work edition at the cozy bar Terpentijn. The night started with a complimentary drink of the house: limoncello! As The Inner Circle members filled up the bar, the bartender turned up the volume and had to step it up to keep it up. Great job guys! We would like to thank you all for a great evening and hope to see you again for the next event. Check out the pictures here:


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PRESS: Learning about datings habits around the world – DailyMail UK

daily_mail_mainItalians are desperate to settle down and Finns hate saying ‘I love you’. Dating can be fraught with difficulties – what to wear? One kiss or two? And most importantly, how to split the bill? Add to that the stress of different cultures and traditions, and you’re left with something of a romantic minefield.

If you’re visiting a different city for the first time, or perhaps you’ve relocated to a new country, it may be worth familiarising yourself with local dating etiquette.
Michael Krayenhoff, co-founder of The Inner Circle reveals what he’s learned about dating habits around the world.

Read the full article here

Dating Habits according to Michael Krayenhoff

Event: The Box, Soho – London

To spice up the start of September, we invited members of The Inner Circle for a night out at The Box in Soho. This infamous venue, that needs no further introduction, put on an incredible celebration. Blame the bubbles, most members ended up going home well after bed time on a school night.

box 01 box 02 box 03 box 04 box 10 box 06 box 07 box 05 box 08 box 09

EVENT: Sip and Dance at Herengracht

Bright sunshine and clear blue skies, a perfect day for our event in Amsterdam. Thursday Herengracht reserved their elegant garden for exclusively for members of The Inner Circle. A big shout out to the staff, DJ and, of course, our members for yet another great after work edition at Herengracht.

TO 13 (2)    TO 14 (3)    TO 17 (2)    TO 18 (2)    TO 19 (2)    TO 20 (2)    TO 21 (2)    TO 22 (2)      TO 24 (2)      TO 25 (3)      TO 26 (2)      TO 30 (2)      TO 32 (2)      TO 36 (2)      TO 37 (2)      TO 39 (2)      TO 42      TO 43      TO 44      TO 46      TO 47      TO 48      TO 49      TO 5 (2)    TO 50      TO 52      TO 54      TO 55       TO 7 (1)    TO 8 (2)


EVENT: Summer Polo Cup – London

Dressed to impress, upwards of 500 young professionals came and enjoyed a delicious brunch while witnessing the Summer Polo Cup unfold. The results from the games saw True Nopal take third place against DogBuddy. The Bodos Schloss team proved to be too strong for the La Martina team and won the Inner Circle Polo Cup.

Once the victors were crowned, the party escalated with DJ Per Pedersen on the decks, Chris sharp on the sax and Mirko live on the guitar. Members of dating app The Inner Circle and Alumni Polo guests danced, flirted and celebrated the summer and one of Britain’s most beautiful sports. It was an unforgettable day with an electric atmosphere at the magical HPC, the London Polo Club.

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EVENT: Summer Cocktails at La Terrace – Stockholm

Stockholm celebrated last Friday with Summer Cocktails at La Terrace. This is the courtyard of speak-easy cocktail bar Fou and knows how to throw a party after work. Keen to join the party? Sign up and and check out our events.

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EVENT: Habana Nights at Century Club

Right after work members of The Inner Circle enjoyed a sunset with Mojitos, bands and DJ’s on the rooftop of Century Club. The revolution started with a Cuban street party and was topped of with Daiquiri’s & Cubanitos in the cocktail lounge. Habana nights…

HB 0518 HB 0459 HB 0575 HB 0537 HB 0532 HB 0648 HB 0485 HB 0474 HB 0467 HB 0424 HB 0464 HB 0632 HB 0461 HB 0425 HB 0414

And here is the movie of the night:

EVENT: After Work at Wunderbar

It was a warm Thursday evening when our members were longing for some refreshing home-made gin after a long day of work. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, Wunderbar had opened its doors and terrace exclusively for members of The Inner Circle. Serving the most delicious cocktails and gin tonics, the chilled vibe soon transformed into a little party. Thanks to Wunderbar’s DJ, the great staff and our members it was yet another successful After Work edition.

IMG_4317      IMG_4383      IMG_4564       IMG_4389      IMG_4360      IMG_4403      IMG_4557       IMG_4540       IMG_4367      IMG_4529       IMG_4312      IMG_4519       IMG_4518       IMG_4501       IMG_4477       IMG_4468       IMG_4454       IMG_4452       IMG_4447       IMG_4431      IMG_4425       IMG_4421      IMG_4411      IMG_4567

EVENT: After Work cocktails in London

Members of The Inner Circle flocked to WM Barker to unwind after work with some incredible cocktails. This speakeasy, located in the heart of the city, proved to be a perfect after work destination. The following morning may have been a little bit slow for some…

The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle The Inner Circle

EVENT: Weekend at Empire Barcelona

Last Friday our members in Barcelona enjoyed a fine night by the seaside at the beautiful Empire. The grand terrace was exclusively reserved for members of The Inner Circle and the evening took off at 9PM. The stunning view from the terrace in combination with the saxophone created a unique vibe making this another successful event. Check out the pictures below.

Empire CLUB-52       Empire CLUB-69       Empire CLUB-66       Empire CLUB-64       Empire CLUB-60       Empire CLUB-59       Empire CLUB-58       Empire CLUB-55       Empire CLUB-53       Empire CLUB-42       Empire CLUB-40       Empire CLUB-39       Empire CLUB-38       Empire CLUB-37       Empire CLUB-30       Empire CLUB-28     Empire CLUB-27    Empire CLUB-24   Empire CLUB-23  Empire CLUB-22 Empire CLUB-21       Empire CLUB-19       Empire CLUB-17       Empire CLUB-16       Empire CLUB-15       Empire CLUB-14       Empire CLUB-11       Empire CLUB-7       Empire CLUB-5

EVENT: Cocktails at 68 & Boston

It was a Wednesday night when The Inner Circle invited their members over to 68 & Boston. Located seconds from the iconic Soho Square and the heart of theatre land, 68 & Boston is the latest addition to Greek Street. The Wine Bar on the ground floor had an extensive list of quality wines and the late night cocktail bar upstairs was serving a range of delicious cocktails. Overall, it was an amazing night thanks to the cool crowd and our friends at 68 & Boston.

Have a look at the pictures below.

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EVENT: Out of Office at BoCinq

The Inner Circle returned to one of its favourite bars in Amsterdam for an after work edition. Our members enjoyed some of the most beautiful cocktails, carefully crafted by the crème de la crème of bartenders. The event took off at 7PM and lasted deep into the night for our members. The crowd and the vibe were great, making this another successful Inner Circle night!

TO_4 (2) TO_3 (2) TO_24 (1) TO_1 (2) TO_21 (1) TO_23 (2) TO_36 (1) TO_13 (1) TO_39 (1) TO_40 (1) TO_18 (1) TO_34 (1) TO_26 (1) TO_31 (1)

EVENT: The Inner Circle returns to Century Club – London

The Inner Circle returned to the Century Club in Soho for another immersive night out. The private members club was turned into the exotic destinations of the spice route. The Rooftop was a Bali style party including palm trees, a China town style club room and a Tokyo sake bar. The Super Tenants band got the hands up in the air and DJ Per Pedersen, Chris Sharp (Sax) and Katie Sharp (violin) closed the night with a euphoric celebration. #singlesparty

century 01 century 02 century 03 Century 04 Century 05 Century 06 Century 07 Century 08 Century 09 Century 10 Century 11 Century 12

EVENT: Cocktails at Library – London

The Inner Circle teamed up with the Library to host good old after work cocktails on a school night. The cocktails flowed at rapid pace while the eccentric venue delivered an excellent party.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
– Jorge Luis Borges

PaparazziVIP-5 PaparazziVIP-31 PaparazziVIP-3-2 PaparazziVIP-63 PaparazziVIP-46 PaparazziVIP-36

EVENT: Dinner Party at Bergmans – Stockholm

We brought Valentine’s Day to our members by hosting an exquisite Dinner Party at one of Stockholm’s most renowned nightclubs. Bergmans‘ stylish lounge was the perfect setting for an intimate, yet vibrant dinner. After enjoying some lovely dishes and drinks, the party continued in the nightclub and The Inner Circle had yet another amazing night in Stockholm.

Check out the pictures!

0H0A6143 - Banner  (1) 0H0A6129  0H0A6102  0H0A6163  0H0A6152  0H0A6165  0H0A6173  0H0A6181  0H0A6186 0H0A6105  0H0A6061 0H0A6053