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PRESS: The Inner Circle launches selective dating app in NYC

The Amsterdam-based company launches in the US to connect ambitious, like-minded people

NEW YORK, NYThe Inner Circle, the selective dating platform for genuine connections, today announces its entrance in the US market, with the service now fully operational in New York City, in addition to the major capitals in Europe. Since its launch out of beta, the Amsterdam-based platform has experienced rapid growth by leveraging the convenience of technology to bring matches to life — offline.

Since the company’s launch in 2012 in Amsterdam, the service has expanded to London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, and Zurich. The Inner Circle creates genuine and lasting connections by connecting like-minded people in a clever and natural way. As a result, the platform has grown in Europe to 145,000 approved members and 125,000 on the waitlist. Currently, in New York, The Inner Circle has registered 12,000 members.

In order to bring like-minded people together and establish lasting relationships with long-term value, The Inner Circle screens members across various points, including age, sex, education (where 94% of the members have a Bachelor’s degree or higher) and a social network analysis to ensure authenticity, quality, and honesty of its user base. The selective nature of the app sets these parameters to guarantee the highest success for members, not to create an elite, closed network.

The Inner Circle offers much more than standard dating features:

  • Favorite spots – select your favorite local restaurant, bars, and other hangouts to see who else goes there

  • Travel plans – share your upcoming travel plans and meet up with other members around the world

  • Events – see what local events other members are attending or have attended

    ”Based on my personal experience in the online dating world, finding dates with like-minded people is a huge challenge. That’s why we focused The Inner Circle on creating a trustworthy, sophisticated environment for ambitious people to meet,” said CEO and co-founder, David Vermeulen. “We have found that people with similar backgrounds are more likely to hit it off, and we’re excited to extend this mentality to New York City.”

What separates this dating app from traditional ones are a suite of features that keep the platform safe and tight-knit, including profile-screening, Facebook or LinkedIn verification, and social network analysis. The Inner Circle also hosts monthly, members-only events at glamorous venues in major cities across the world, providing the perfect meet-up opportunities in a safe and relaxed environment.

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The Inner Circle is available on iOS , Android, Desktop, Mobile, and Apple Watch.

For additional details or to sign up for the service, please visit

About The Inner Circle:
The Inner Circle is a selective dating app that connects ambitious, like-minded people. The app was founded by David Vermeulen in 2012 as a response to a real-life problem he saw people faced when searching for a date. The team created a unique platform that ensures the right people are introduced to each other. Since launch, thousands of members have been successfully matched, and The Inner Circle is just getting started.

PRESS: The Inner Circle lanceert in New York – Dating Insider

The Inner Circle heeft de stap naar de andere kant van de oceaan gemaakt. De exclusieve datingsite lanceerde deze week in New York City.

Sinds de lancering van het bedrijf in Amsterdam in 2012 breidde The Inner Circle uit naar verschillende Europese steden. In onder andere Londen, Parijs, Barcelona, Berlijn, Milan, Stockholm en Zürich is inmiddels een aanzienlijke groep gebruikers.

Het platform is … Read the full article here.


PRESS: An Elite Dating app just landed in New York – Business Insider UK

Business Insider – Single New Yorkers may be pleased to hear that a new dating app landed in the Big Apple this

The Inner Circle, already available in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, and Zurich, officially went live in New York City on Thursday. But setting up a profile on The Inner Circle isn’t easy. Unlike Tinder and Happn, The Inner Circle vets you before letting you onto its platform, focusing specifically on how successful and how attractive you are.

Michael Krayenhoff, cofounder of The Inner Circle, told Business Insider: “Just like in London …

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PRESS: Goodbye Tinder, Hello Inner Circle – NYLON

nylon-magazine-internship1When David Vermeulen got out of a long-term relationship and started exploring his online dating options, he was less than impressed. “The problem with these websites is that they are impersonal and too concerned with amassing quantity over quality,” he says. Instead of sucking it up and dealing with the cards the internet dealt, like the rest of us single folk, or going the other route and meeting people IRL, he decided to merge the two concepts and create an app where interested individuals could meet initially online, then off.

Launching first in Amsterdam in 2012 before expanding to European cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and Barcelona, Vermeulen’s The Inner Circle is now ….

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PRESS: Datingapp The Inner Circle breidt uit naar de VS – Het Parool

Datingapp The Inner Circle heeft vanaf donderdag ook een Amerikaanse tak. het_parool_logo
Dat vertelt medeoprichter David Vermeulen.

De app is vanaf vandaag te downloaden in New York. “Best wel spannend,” laat Vermeulen weten. The Inner Circle werd in 2012 opgericht in Amsterdam door Vermeulen en Michael Krayenhoff. Inmiddels is de app te gebruiken in onder andere Nederland, Londen en Parijs. In Europa zijn er 145.000 Inner Circle-leden, laat het bedrijf weten. Nog eens 125.000 mensen staan op een wachtlijst.

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EVENT: After Works Drinks at Terpentijn

We look back at a great After Work edition at the cozy bar Terpentijn. The night started with a complimentary drink of the house: limoncello! As The Inner Circle members filled up the bar, the bartender turned up the volume and had to step it up to keep it up. Great job guys! We would like to thank you all for a great evening and hope to see you again for the next event. Check out the pictures here:


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PRESS: Learning about datings habits around the world – DailyMail UK

daily_mail_mainItalians are desperate to settle down and Finns hate saying ‘I love you’. Dating can be fraught with difficulties – what to wear? One kiss or two? And most importantly, how to split the bill? Add to that the stress of different cultures and traditions, and you’re left with something of a romantic minefield.

If you’re visiting a different city for the first time, or perhaps you’ve relocated to a new country, it may be worth familiarising yourself with local dating etiquette.
Michael Krayenhoff, co-founder of The Inner Circle reveals what he’s learned about dating habits around the world.

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Dating Habits according to Michael Krayenhoff

EVENT: Sip and Dance at Herengracht

Bright sunshine and clear blue skies, a perfect day for our event in Amsterdam. Thursday Herengracht reserved their elegant garden for exclusively for members of The Inner Circle. A big shout out to the staff, DJ and, of course, our members for yet another great after work edition at Herengracht.

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PRESS: VICE Berlin hat The Inner Circle getestet

VICE Berlin – Dating AppsVice_logo.svg

Meine Erfahrung in Sachen Dating-Apps kann ich am besten in drei Worten beschreiben: Ich habe keine. Neuerdings sitzt man aber immer öfter mit diesen Tinder-Paaren an einem Tisch und denkt sich irgendwann, dass man sich doch auch mal ruhig dem digitalen Frischmarkt anbieten könnte. Da ich aber doch von zu vielen Horrorgeschichten eingeschüchtert bin, die immer irgendwas mit Penisbildern zu tun hatten, steige ich soft ein.

In meiner Facebook-Timeline tauchte eine Anzeige für The Inner Circle auf. Der Name gefällt mir. Ich wollte schon immer mal zu etwas Exklusivem gehören. Nachforschungen ergeben: Die Plattform gilt als die Elite-App der Schönen und Reichen. Auweia. Man kann sich nicht einfach so anmelden, sondern muss genehmigt werden. Business Insider schreibt, dass die Mitarbeiter erstmal LinkedIn-Profile durchforsten, bevor sie jemanden akzeptieren. Für jedes neue Mitglied soll ein alter aus dem inneren Kreis rausgeschmissen werden. In dem Artikel des Business Insider spricht der App-Gründer von 125.000 angemeldeten Usern und weiteren 110.000 auf der Warteliste.

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PRESS: The Inner Circle Polo Event featured on Your Local Guardian

downloadHam Polo club hosts tournament organised by exclusive dating platform The Inner Circle

“Elite singletons” soaked up the sun at Ham Polo club at an event organised by an exclusive invitation-only dating platform. The event on Saturday, which was organised by The Inner Circle, featured a tournament with London alumni polo teams followed by a live DJ set. The Inner Circle, which bills itself as “an exclusive network for only the most successful and attractive singletons around the world,” was founded by David Vermeulen and Michael Krayenhoff in 2013.

Television presenter Joe Forrester, 28, was also new to The Inner Circle concept. He said: “It was a great day out, certainly very different from most singles events and definitely a little more raucous than one would usually associate with a day at the polo.”

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