The Pledge


Be Real

Catfishing or pretending to be someone you are not is misleading, hurtful and a waste of time for everyone involved. People are interested in who you really are.

Be True

Show yourself in your best light, but make sure your profile pictures look like you... Avoid disappointment for both by not using deceptive photos or out of date images.

Be Interactive

If someone catches your eye then send them a personal message. Avoid clichéd conversation starters and cheesy pick-up lines. Be genuinely interested in the other person.

Be Decent

This is not the place for offensive photographs, sleazy approaches or inappropriate propositions. Keep it clean and don’t embarrass yourself.

Be Respectful

Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Think about people’s feelings, and be considerate and calm. Pestering, pressurising or being overly persistent never impresses.

Be Reliable

Treat dates with the importance they deserve. Keep to your word, be punctual and be polite. Good manners, respectful behaviour and a positive outlook give you a head start.

Be Inclusive

Embrace and enjoy our diverse community. Whether it’s in your profile description or a personal message, prejudiced, judgemental or discriminatory comments are not tolerated. 

Be Kind

If things aren’t working out, be clear but kind. Approach the situation with sensitivity and decency, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Never ghost.

Be Vigilant

Report suspicious profiles and unpleasant behaviour. You are not only doing yourself a favour, but protecting others who also have the right intentions.