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Account & Profile

How can I sign up for the Inner Circle?
You can sign up for The Inner Circle through the app and on the website. For security reasons, we ask you to connect with either your Facebook or Linkedin account. It is not possible to sign up with your email address. Registering for The Inner Circle is completely free of charge. As a member you can upgrade to a full membership to access all the features on the app. 

I received an invitation code from a friend. Where do I enter the code to sign up for The Inner Circle?
To enter your personal invitation code, please go to the registration page: https://www.theinnercircle.co/auth/code

Who has access to my personal details?
All personal details shared with The Inner Circle are secured and protected. Your personal details will not appear in any search engine. Only employees of The Inner Circle can access your personal details for functional purposes only. They work under strict privacy guidelines. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details regarding your privacy and security.

How can I adjust e-mail and push notifications?
You can control what e-mails you receive from The Inner Circle by (un)checking the tick boxes in the settings of your account on the website. To control push notifications, please go to the settings in the app.

How can I edit my profile? 
To adjust your details and share more information about yourself, please go to 'profile' and then 'Edit Profile' on the app or on the website. Do not forget to hit the 'save' button, otherwise your alterations will not be saved.
Note: It is not possible to make changes to your profile or access your account while your application is still in the screening phase.

How can I change my email address, name or age?
Due to security reasons, you can't adjust your email address, name or age yourself. Please send us the information that needs to be adjusted by sending an email to support@theinnercircle.co, and we will adjust it for you. 

How can I edit my photos and change my profile picture?
1. Go to 'Edit Profile'
2. Select [upload photos]
3. Select a photo and it will be uploaded
4. Now hover over the picture with your cursor. The following options will appear in the picture: [edit] [main] [x] 

[edit] - Select edit to adjust the picture
[main] - Select main to select your profile picture
[x] - select x to remove the profile picture entirely (Note: the x isn't visible on images with a light/white background!)

I can't adjust or upload photos.
Some of the features on our website are built in Flash. Therefore it is important to have an internet browser that supports Flash. Most of the modern browsers support Flash, but not all have installed it by default. If Flash is not installed or supported by your browser, you may not be able to see the "upload photo" button in your profile and may not be able to add new places to the website. We recommend that our users use Google Chrome or Firefox as these browsers tend to work better with Flash and tend to load our website faster. 

I want to take a break from online dating. How do I hide my profile?
Do you want to take a break from online dating? Then hiding your profile is the perfect solution. When your account is hidden, other members cannot find your profile and (view) chat(s) with you. Vice versa, you are not able to view other profiles as well. All your account information and history will be saved and be made available again after unhiding your profile. You can find the 'hide' button in your account settings on The Inner Circle website. Note: this feature is not available on the app.

How do I remove my account?
We are very sorry to see you go. Of course, if you've found someone special: congratulations!
You can delete your account under 'settings' on the (mobile) website. Please note that all personal details, including all the chats, will be permanently removed from our database. To temporarily deactivate your account, choose 'Hide Account'.
Note: Removing the app will not delete your account / profile.

How do I remove my account / profile from the waiting list?
We are very sorry to hear you want to delete your application. To be removed from the Waiting List, please log in on The Inner Circle website and go to www.theinnercircle.co/user/remove.

I am a member of The Inner Circle, but I received a message about suspicious behavior and now I can't seem to access my profile / account.
When you are already registered at The Inner Circle, the system will deactivate any new account(s) that is registered on your email address, name and date of birth. Please make sure you double check whether you have an old account or are using a different email address. For further assistance, please drop us a line at support@theinnercircle.co.

Features & Functionalities

What does a wink, like or match mean?
You only see matches when there is an actual match, thus a like from both sides. In order to turn this like into a match you must like them too. People that liked you will appear random but with priority in the matches widget. There will be no matches if you do not like any of the people that liked you. In contrast, you can send a wink to show direct interest in another member, who can see the wink.

Can I unlike someone?
No, this is not a feature we support.

How does 'Who is up for...' work?
"Who is up for" allows members to initiate fun and creative date ideas with members of the opposite sex. Members will see your idea and can click on the REPLY button. This way you can respond with a private message. When you press the 'Post' button beneath "who is up for", your message will appear for other members. The message will be automatically removed when you uncheck the 'Post' box. 

How can I add a new spot in my city?
Under "Places" you can indicate your favourite restaurants, bars and clubs. You can also indicate to what places you would like to go but have not been yet. This shows members which places you enjoy going to and tees up a good reason for asking you out to one of these places. To receive more messages, it is important to indicate a couple of your favourite places. If a place is not listed, you can add it to The Inner Circle by selecting 'add place'.

How do I block another member?
At The Inner Circle we believe it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a trustworthy community of great people with similar values. If you feel that a user does not respect you and our members, you can choose to block him/her. A blocked member will not be able to view your profile or message you any longer. Basically, you become invisible to this user. You can find the 'Block' button under every profile. If this member behaved inappropriately, please report his/her profile with the 'Report' button. When a member gets 'reported' we take appropriate action to ensure The Inner Circle remains a trustworthy community of like-minded singles.

Help, the page is not loading correctly!
If your page fails to load correctly, please hit the refresh button to try again. If this does not work, it may be because you are using an old version of your browser. You can either upgrade your browser or download the newest version of FireFox or Chrome. If you are still having problems, please send us a message at support@theinnercircle.co.

Payments & Subscriptions

What are the payments for The Inner Circle on my bank account for?
To avoid any disruption, your subscription will be automatically extended. The trial subscription of 1 week will prolong into a 1-month subscription. Normal subscriptions will be extended with the same duration.
To ensure you are well informed of this matter, this message is stated on the payment page where you take the Full Membership, on the confirmation payment page after you buy your Full Membership and i
n the confirmation e-mail 
you receive when you start the Full Membership.

How do I end my paid membership?
You can control your full membership subscription in your settings on the website. To end the subscription, simply uncheck the 'renew subscription' box and your full membership will be valid until the end of the period you paid for. Your payment details will be removed automatically and your full membership can only be extended when you personally set up a new payment. 
Note: this option is currently only available on the (mobile) website and not in the app.

How can I update / change my bank details?
We are not able to adjust your bank (account) information after the first payment. To update your CC information or change your bank account number, please contact your bank.


 I want to go to an event by The Inner Circle. How do I get a ticket?
Great to hear you want to join us at one of our events! Our events are Members only, but friends of members are of course allowed. You can buy a ticket on the event page in the app or on the website, for yourself and your friends. See you there!

I bought a ticket for an event, but I can't make it. Can I get a refund? 
No, unfortunately we can't refund event tickets. You are, however, allowed to resell your ticket to another member. Keep in mind, that this transfer will be at your own risk. Please, send the full name of the new ticket owner to support@theinnercircle.co.

When will the next event be in my city?
You can find the event calendar in the app under 'discover' and on the website on the right side and in the menu under 'events'.


What is The Inner Circle?
The Inner Circle is an exclusive community of inspiring singles around the world. We believe that meeting up with other like-minded, single people should be simple and fun. The Inner Circle helps create great opportunities for members to interact online, through the app and meet up at our exclusive events that we host around the world.

The Inner Circle maintains its vibrant network for like-minded individuals through a thorough screening process upon registration. This ensures that eligible singles with similar lifestyles can meet each other in a friendly and trustworthy community.

Is there an The Inner Circle App?
Yes, The Inner Circle app is available for your iPhone or Android device. Go the iTunes store or Google play to download your app.

Does The Inner Circle also serve the LGBT community?
We would love to also be an incredible platform for the LGBT community. As a young start-up (without funding) we have limited resources at our disposal. At the start we, therefore, had to make tough technical decisions. To provide an equally good experience to the LGBT community, we would need to hire more people and spend a lot of money on marketing to gain a critical mass. Hence our focus for now is with growing The Inner Circle internationally and hopefully in the near future we will have the capacity to connect inspiring LGBT's too. Please drop us a line at support@theinnercircle.co if you have any further questions.

Can I report a member when he/she behaves inappropriately?
The Inner Circle aims to create and maintain a trustworthy environment with people who share similar norms and values. The report button, found on every profile, is there to alert our team of this profile / member. The Inner Circle does not tolerate improper conduct on our website, our app, or during members' dates. All reports and names of the ones reporting stay confidential. Depending on the nature of the report, we will block the reported member from the platform.

I do not see my question anywhere in the FAQ.
Please note: we do not reply to questions that are stated in the FAQ, so please double check before contacting us. If you do have questions that are not stated here, please use the contact form.